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The names and titles have been taken from your Entry Form and cannot be changed.


These are some of the advantages of our E-Catalogue.

You can print the pages of the book by clicking Print

Print button button.

Select your prefered language from the Select Language drop down list.


Search button button

Search keyworks within the book.The search keyword box will appear.

Search page

Please input keyword(s) in the search field and click Search button to start search. The search result will be listed at the bottom of the dialog.

Search results
You can click the item in the list to jump to the page.


Highlights to the page:

  1. Click Highlight On Highlight button, you will see your mouse cursor changed to a "highlight pen" Highlight pencursor.
  2. Drag and draw the highlight area on the page.

Highlight page

After adding the highlight area, you can click the on the highlight area and a Note box will be shown for you to enter some notes. In the note box, you can input text about the highlight and change the default color of highlight by clicking the Color box Colour box.

Note box


To exit from highlight mode, please click Highlight Off Highlight button.